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November 10, 2020BY StepWise Immigration

Ralph Emerson once beautifully explained immigration in a quote that said ” A nation is like a tree, it does not thrive well till it is engraffed with a foreign stock”. Canada truly believes that our nation thrives on immigration and hence announced it’s immigration plan from 2021-2023 and it’s nothing but great news for every immigrant that sees Canada as they’re future plan.

The government is set to welcome more than a million people and give them a chance to obtain permanent residence, but the section of people that will be benefited most will be INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. International students that are studying in a Canadian university and remain in Canada after the completion of their studies are to be benefited and given advantage under this plan.

Students will first obtain a study permit and after completing the course will apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit. During this time , students will be able to work flexibly and work with any employer they wish for. The students who further apply for PR after working for a year on their PGWP will be a huge target by IRCC.
Students will benefit but that does not mean that other immigrants will not get a fair chance. Everyone will be given a fair share of opportunity and the applicants that are eligible under all grounds laid by IRCC will receive PR.
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