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Canada Introducing New Pathways For Immigrants Seeking Permanent Residency

November 17, 2020BY StepWise Immigration

“A journey of a thousand miles must always begin with a single step”.
This is how the journey of every immigrant starts with one single step or decision. Every immigrant comes to Canada and the day they start their studying or working journey is the day their journey begins that leads to gaining a PR. COVID19 was a hurdle for IRCC to reach it’s immigration goals but IRCC is all set to introduce new pathways to accelerate the process of students and workers to obtain permanent residence in Canada.
What does the introduction of new pathways for immigrants mean?
Launching new pathways for immigrants simply means adding more programs to the existing streams and this can be done by :
1. Launching new federal pilot programs
2.Holding program specific express entry draws.
3. Making changes to the eligibility criteria for all programs like reducing work experience requirements for applicants.
4.Increasing the length of permits issued to give applicants more time to gain Canadian experience so that they can easily be eligible to apply for different programs.

All in all the immigration process will be less rigid and it will be made easier for applicants to reach the certain CRS score they require to gain PR.
If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity contact us to know more about the process and guide you through the best path for you to gain permanent residence.