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Can international students in Canada get student loans?

January 4, 2023BY Admin

Can international students in Canada get student loans?: As we all know, Canada is a very famous nation, mainly for students. All international students in Canada always dream of getting a Canadian PR and work permit as soon as they graduate. But sometimes, they require a student loan to complete their graduation in Canada. At this stage, they become confused and do not know what to do. But do not worry. Stepwise Immigrations is here to assist you anytime and anywhere, whenever you wish. Eager to find more info on Canadian colleges for international students. Meet our team now. In this blog, let’s find out more about international students getting student loans in Canada.

Things you should know before taking a student loan

It is essential to know and remember these things before looking for a private lender who can assist you with your financial needs:

    • The amount you are required to borrow in total

    • Determine whether the interest rate is fixed or variable

    • Duration of the repayment period

    • How and when the borrowed funds will be disbursed

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Student loans for international students: what are they?

Special education loan providers offer student loans as international student loans. These loans are available to international students studying at an approved university in Canada.

It is becoming increasingly common for students to be able to apply for a student loan without the assistance of a cosigner at universities across Canada. A significant amount of economic aid is open at Canadian universities aimed at Canadian students. This means that international students may be unable to benefit from these programs.

It is possible that you will only be able to cover some of the cost of studying in Canada if you use your savings and the help of your family, united with some financial aid such as grants and scholarships (which do not have to be repaid). The remaining costs are often covered by loans, which is why many students rely on them.

After you have finished all scholarship and personal funding options, you should only consider applying for these loans.

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Private Student Loans

It is always beneficial to have a cosigner on a private student loan to qualify for the loan. Your cosigner must be a Canadian citizen who will be liable for repaying your loan if you cannot. Cosigners aren’t required, but they can help you get better interest rates. A cosigner is sometimes needless for international students seeking a private student loan. Their enrollment in one of the schools in Canada that are approved for student loans is the reason for this.

It is possible to borrow up to $10,000 in Canadian student loans if you are a part-time student in Canada. If you can pay off some of your existing loans, you may borrow again up to $10,000. There are cases where you may be able to borrow money based on the amount you need to cover your books, education, housing, carrier, and other related expenses. The total cost of your education, minus any scholarships or grants you have received, determines how much you can borrow. It will also depend on the school you attend and the course you are enrolled in.

Students can also take out larger loans to house the higher costs linked with degrees in medicine, accounting, business, law, and other fields of study. In general, however, it is best to borrow the smallest amount possible so that you may repay it as quickly as possible.


Interest is a percentage a lender charges to a borrower on a loan. It’s common to hear about interest rates when talking about student loans. Canada student loans have prime interest rates, the same as borrowers with perfect credit. If you get a private student loan, your interest rate might differ. Before you apply for a student loan, you need to find out what the interest rate is. Some loans will have fixed interest rates and variable interest rates on others. The difference between a fixed and variable interest rate is that a fixed interest rate will never change. Most borrowers prefer fixed interest rates since it’s comforting to know they won’t change over time. A variable interest rate has the edge that it’s typically lower than fixed interest rates, so it’s a good short-term option. Your program may require a fixed-rate loan if it is long, but if it is short, you may want to consider a variable-rate loan. Take the help of Stepwise Immigrations and get more about Can international students in Canada get student loans.

Paying off your loan

As an international student in Canada, you can work while you study. On-campus or off-campus work is allowed for full-time students who have a study permit at an eligible institution or are enrolled in an academic, professional, or vocational program. Working while studying lets, you start paying back your loans before you graduate. So long as your lender agrees, you can request a student loan delay if you can’t afford to repay your loans immediately. Ask your lender for a repayment schedule so you can determine when to begin repaying your student loans. Want to get answers about how students in Canada apply for a work permit, take our team aid at Stepwise Immigrations.


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Can international students get student loans?

Yes, Students are eligible to get student loans in Canada. Learn more about student loans from   Stepwise Immigrations experts.

How do international students get funding in Canada?

They can get funding via private banks in Canada, and a cosigner is needed.

Where Can You Get an International Student Loan?

There are many banks that offer student loans to international students. Take The assistance of Stepwise Immigrations to know more about it.

Can International Students Get Loans?

Private student loans are available, but they’re more limited than for domestic students.