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Best Visa Consultants In Punjab

July 18, 2022BY Admin

Are you looking for the best support to get through with your visa, fly high, and immigrate to Canada or other countries? If you are trying on your own and failing, we at Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd can assist you in addressing your troubles and correctly guide you for visa filing. We have been in the business for years, leaving no stone unturned to help you with the visa application. Punjab is one of the states with high immigration percentage, particularly in Canada. If you ask anybody about the best visa consultants in Punjab, they will name our organization without hesitation.

How Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd became the best visa consultants in Punjab

Our journey started some years ago, and we have gradually grown big with our best services. We are one of the best agencies having a license from ICCRC to help aspiring immigrants to get a visa. Our team of executives includes a battery of legal experts knowing all the latest rules and regulations, and thus they can guide the applicants accordingly.

Why contact us? 

During our journey, all these years dealing with immigration, visa, and other travel guidance, we found the immigration authorities reject many applications. It is not the fault of the applicants. Either they are unaware of the rules and regulations and the process of application, or their visa consultants misguided them. 

Our motto of work is different. We believe customer satisfaction is our progress and guide our clients accordingly. We even promise to pay back if any Visa application becomes invalid for our faults. Our immigration consultants work hard with our clients and build a relationship of trust with the perfect services.

The executive of the best visa consultants in Punjab talks with the applicant gauges the need and the type required to immigrate and guides the applicant accordingly. We ensure that all documents and testimonials are perfect and our legal team time and again verifies them before agreeing to apply for a Visa.  

We encourage the applicant to qualify in IELTS or CELPIP with a good score. Scoring high marks in English strengthens the application, and the immigration officers approve the application without any glitches. If they raise any query and our client is incapable of replying to it due to lack of understanding, our executives and the legal team clear the question with great expertise.

The type of Visa assistance

 The best consultants do not limit their services to one or two types of Visas. There are multiple types of Visas to immigrate to Canada. It may be a student visa, a work Visa, a Spouse Visa, an Express Entry Visa, and many more. Our Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd team is an expert in guiding applicants in every aspect. We have tie-ups with our counterparts overseas and even provide after-landing services.  

Immigration rules change from time to time and often overnight. It is challenging to keep track of all the changes, and only the best-registered agencies follow every change in rules and regulations and advise and guide the applicants accordingly. Thus, we do much background work with the applicants before asking them to proceed.

Listening and planning

We listen to the Visa requirement of the client and decide on the category. The applicants produce all the relevant testimonials, documents, and bank statements, and our experts verify them. If something is missing, we ask the applicant to produce it or settle for a different visa class. Thus the entire process is pre-planned so that there is zero rejection. 

Moving forward with the application

After satisfactory verification of every document by the experts, it is time to crack the English language test with a high score. We then request the applicant to proceed with the application. There has been almost no rejection of visa applications made with our guidance. 

Many consultants in Punjab are making tall claims of helping the applicants with the visa application, but many have no registration number or approval from the Immigration Authority. They charge hefty amounts, make false promises and loot the applicants. 

It is time to avoid the advertisement gimmicks and look for a genuine agent with years of experience like us. Our fees are nominal, but services are at par with any global agencies dealing with immigration and visas. Our customer service through email is open 24X7 and takes prompt action in replying to queries. Visit our webpage and fill out the assessment inquiry form; we will be more than happy to assist with the immigration process.

Taking assistance from the best agency is always a wise decision. Get all types of service under one umbrella and sail through with the application process. Act now, choose the best agency gauging all pros and cons, and be on cloud nine with visa permits in hand. Contact for more without delay.