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Best immigration consultants in Chandigarh for Canada

July 28, 2022BY Admin

best immigration consultants in Chandigarh for Canada : Canada is one country that has opened its doors to foreign nationals with the merit to immigrate and add to make the economy strong. While having the long-lasting dream to immigrate to Canada and permanently settle there, it is time to grab the opportunity the Government of Canada is extending. However, to immigrate to countries like Canada, it is best to take guidance from the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh for Canada.  

People from Punjab fancy to immigrate to Canada for long and many consultants are available in the state. However, not all are good, and you should always consult our experts at Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd and stay relaxed. We have been in the field of immigration and visa services for years now, and our battery of lawyers and immigration advisors will always give their best efforts to settle you in Canada.

Why choose the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh for Canada? 

Undoubtedly you should always choose one of the most reputed immigration consultants in Chandigarh and never go by advertisement gimmicks. Finding visa consultants in Chandigarh is not hard; you can find them on almost all corners of every street. But not all are good and can put you in a mess and loot you with false promises. It is, therefore, time to contact us at Stepwise Immigrations Services Ltd. We are one of the most reputed agencies and have accreditation from the RCCIC or the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

Through their Immigration department, the Government of Canada has authorized us to help willing emigrants like you with their Visa applications. It assures that as an applicant for visitor visas, your interest is safeguarded, and you do not fall prey to touts.

How to verify the RCCIC accreditation claim?

As an applicant, you should not proceed with a particular only listening to word of mouth about the RCCIC accreditation. We at Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd not only give our enrolment number but also guide the applicant to verify it. Following a few simple steps, you can verify our claim for registration.

Visit the official page of RCCIClook for the registry icon, and click it. Enter the RCCIC number that we will provide and view the search result. You can see all details like our name, address, consultant identification number, and even our status, like active or inactive. We always urge aspiring applicants visiting us for immigration services to check our credentials. There is no hide and seek for us, and we always love to stay undisputed by giving our best services.

The services offered by the best consultant in Chandigarh

You may need a Canada Australia visa and looking for the best service provider to guide you with relevant information and process. It is wise to contact a reputed agency in the immigration industry to sail through the entire immigration process without any glitches. At Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd, we assure you to give quality services as our executives and legal experts are highly knowledgeable in the subjects.

You may seek a study visa to pursue your career and dreamsAgain you may be already in Canada with a student visa and want to sponsor your spouse to immigrate with a spouse visa. The authorities will cancel the application if you do not know the right rules and processes and apply without proper knowledge. Our team of experts will talk with you, understand your requirement and guide you with the correct procedure.

At Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd, we do not apply for the Visa on your behalf but help you with the entire process. Our expert legal team will verify every document. They can ask to add some additional documents to support the application. Once our executives and lawyers are satisfied, they will give concurrence to the aspiring immigrant to proceed with the application. One of the significant advantages of taking the services best immigration consultants in Chandigarh for Canada is to meet all the legalities for having a Visa. The immigration authorities often cancel the applications on many grounds.

If you may require a tourist visa or want to immigrate with a business visa and have applied for the wrong class or do not have proper documents, the application will be rejected. Again, the authorities may ask for additional documents or clarifications, and our legal team will take prompt action for the same and help you reply accordingly.

Want to know the fees? 

You may need a SOWP if your spouse is a student, a businessman wanting to immigrate and start a business investing a minimum of CAD 100K or want to move out as a caregiver or nanny with PR status. Each class of the respective visas requires specific supporting documents, and you must pay the individual fees. Our executive and legal team will understand your need and give you all the details like the required documents, the fee structure, and the processing time so that you can prepare accordingly.

If you are looking for a study permit in Canada, you have to pay a fee of Can $ 150. Again if it is linked with a work permit, the applicant has to pay Can $ 155 additionally. While to get a Visa for temporary residence, you need to pay CAN $ 100. For getting a permanent resident travel document, the applicant will have to pay CAN $ 50. One has to pay additional CAD if the immigration authorities instruct to give biometric information. Generally, biometric data is needed by applicants wanting to invest in a business in Canada.

Thus, you can see that without proper guidance and information, it s difficult to immigrate. At Stepwise Immigration Services Ltd, our executives are always on their toes to help applicants with all information on Visas, fees, and the necessary documents. Again, immigration rules change overnight, and it is pretty challenging to keep track of every change without the backing of legal experts on the subject. Our organization has the best legal talents, unlike others who compromise on the subject and guide the applicants accordingly. We only charge a nominal amount for our services, which will never burn a hole in your pocket.

We often get applicants falling into the trap of touts and unscrupulous agents and facing multiple application rejections. It becomes tough to get permits if the application is rejected numerous times by the authorities. If you look at our track record, you will find that our success rate is much higher than others; in fact, we get rejections once in a blue moon. 

However, due to the pandemic, the processing time is a bit longer than before, and you should not be impatient. We have tie-ups with our overseas counterparts to provide after-landing services. Our team is in constant touch with the country’s high commission to know the latest rules and needs and give adequate service to the aspiring immigrants coming to us.


You should always take assistance for permanently moving to another country after possessing valid documents. Take the advice of the best consultants while applying for PR and immigrate to a foreign country to enjoy a better lifestyle fulfilling your career goals.