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Best Immigration Consultant Kelowna

September 1, 2022BY Admin

As you plan to immigrate to Canada for a better lifestyle, settle, and work there, you need to follow specific guidelines for the application. Canada is one country opening its doors to foreigners who can contribute to their economy. It is one of the best countries to immigrate and settle, and taking the help of the best immigration consultant Kelowna is one of the wise decisions to fly to the country permanently.

Many consultants are helping aspiring immigrants get visas and permits, but not all are good. Many of them make tall claims and charge exorbitant fees but fail to deliver. They often do not hold a valid license from the competent authority of the Canadian Government and are cheaters. As an aspiring immigrant, you should always avoid them and contact the best Canada immigration company like us. Our company, STEPWISE Immigration Services LTDholds a license issued by the Immigration Department of the Canadian Government.

The working of the best immigration consultant Kelowna

Although we are license holders, like all other best immigration consultants, we can only assist aspiring immigrants and nothing more. If any immigration Kelowna consultant says they can arrange for the immigration permit, you should always avoid them as they are unscrupulous consultants. The authorized immigration consultant in British Columbia can only assist in the application process, give legal support if required, verify the documents and testimonials, and do nothing else.

We at STEPWISE Immigration Services LTD never give false promises. As you visit our immigration office Kelowna, our expert executives will hear you with personal attention and then guide you accordingly. You may have already immigrated to Canada and now want your spouse or live-in partner to stay with you. Again you may want your parents or children to settle in Canada, and thus you require sponsoring them, and they have to apply for the respective permit.

Again, if you are looking for a Permanent Residency apart from the family class, you need to apply for the caregiver class or the business immigration. As a student, if you are looking forward to studying in Canadian Universities and want to settle there, you need to get hold of the Student Visa in the beginning and then apply for a PR permit after completing your course.

The best immigration consultant Kelowna will study all the documents and then only give proper suggestions on the class of application and the process. You can also apply for Express Entry if you are a skilled worker. However, you have to have a valid job offer.

At STEPWISE Immigration Services LTD, we recruit the best executives who are aware of the entire process and guide aspiring immigrants accordingly. Our executives are baked by a battery of expert immigration lawyer Kelowna, who knows the latest rules and regulations of immigrating to Canada.

Success rate

We believe customer satisfaction is our progress, and our aim is zero rejection. However, sometimes the authorities raise some queries or demand additional documents. It is confusing for inexperienced applicants to understand them and reply suitably. Our expert lawyers take all the headaches preparing the answers and guide the applicant. Thus the applicant replies suitably and gets hold of the permit to immigrate to Canada.

The best consultants like us are most transparent in working, and you can trust us with blindfolds. The success rate is high, with very few rejections, and that too is due to ignorance of the aspiring immigrants and not following our advice. We only give a green signal to the applicant to apply after verifying all documents and after our legal team is satisfied with them.

The charges

The best Canada immigration pathway like us does not charge substantial fees that will burn holes in your pockets. Our charges are nominal and within the means of the applicant. We love to bring smiles to faces, and there are no hidden terms and conditions in small letters in our agreement. We work most transparently and never compromise on quality.


Always take the services of the best consultants to immigrate to Canada. Avoid the unscrupulous agents and consultants as they do not hold valid licenses. Now immigrate to Canada without any hassles with our assistance and guidance.