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Best Canada Immigration Consultant – What You Need To Know

April 19, 2022BY Admin

Are you planning to immigrate to Canada shortly? If yes, you must be looking for ways to make immigration easier. At first, the entire process of immigration to Canada might seem to be an easy task, but later on, when you jump into the natural process, all you get to see are piles of paperwork and lots of verifications. If you want to keep things simple for yourself, you can choose the best Canada immigration consultant services for help!

Factors to consider before hiring the best Canada immigration consultant

Immigration to Canada is not as easy as it seems from the outside. You need to go through several steps to maintain transparency and avoid chaos in the process. The best way to migrate to Canada is by taking help from the best Canada immigration consultant services. But the real question is, how to know which is the ideal choice for you?

If you want to hire a Canadian immigration consultant, then here are a few points which you need to check-list first:

ICCRC Membership:

When you try to fill up any form from your consultant, you need to check whether it has the stamps of ICCRC. Your application should be under the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant board or RCIC, which oversees all the legal procedures of citizens’ immigrations to Canada via top Canada immigration consultants. The Canadian government gets to take lots of people from all over the world every year, trying to get immigration citizenship for work and higher studies. That is why he has regulated the regulatory council, which looks after the immigration consultants of Canada personally. When your consultant is under the ICCRC membership, you would be able to show your case to the CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada board easily without the involvement of any third party in the process!


While researching the top Canada immigration consultants, you would come across several options that would promise you success in the process without any wastage of money. But when it comes to actual work, they would fail you miserably, wasting your money for the immigrating process at the same time. Before you hire a consultant or hand over the expenses, you need to have a vivid conversation and understanding of the immigration process they will apply so that you do not have to throw your money in vain.


One of the essential things you should always check before hiring a suitable Canada immigration consultant is the company’s experience in terms of immigration. You should check how many people they have helped immigrate to Canada to date, how much time they took, etc. Some inexperienced consultant would not be able to present your case of immigration with transparency and might end up involving other third parties for help, which would somehow increase your expenses!


The last but not the least thing you should always consider before choosing the top Canada immigration consultants is expertise. The Canadian government updates and upgrades the laws of immigration of citizens and citizenship from time to time for better country safety. If you end up hiring some consultant who is not well aware of the updated new laws of immigration, then it can put you in grave danger. But if you choose some consultant who keeps full info of the revised regulations and takes all the necessary steps to present your case in front of CIC, then it is the right one for you!

What steps do Canada immigration consultants follow?

When it comes to immigration from one country to another, things can get confusing and tense. But you would have barely any reason to get worried when you have one of the top Canadian immigration consultants by your side.

It is always best to know the steps of immigration to Canada before starting the process.

Here are the steps which all the authorized consultants follow for your successful immigration to Canada:

Best Canada Immigration Consultant

Checking your eligibility is one of every consultant’s most essential things. If you check-list all the eligibility criteria for getting immigration to Canada in the first place, then nothing can stop you. Though, there are other factors to consider as well!

Most people visit Canada for higher education or job purposes. If you are going to serve the same purpose, you would have to submit the IELTS certifications to the regulatory council via your consultant to take responsibility for all the expenses of your stay in Canada.

It would help if you prepared an express entry profile for presenting the reasons for your immigration to Canada. Your consultant can get all the entry profiles verified in legal processes easily. Once you have the entry profile, you can quickly get the ITA or invitation to apply for Visa.

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Once you receive the ITA, you can easily apply for a Visa to Canada via your consultant within 60 days of receiving the invitation.

The last thing that your consultant needs to do is submit your medical reports to CIC and get the Visa stamping done!

If your consultant carries out the immigration process in the same way as mentioned above, nobody can stop your immigration to Canada anyway! For more details contact us.