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Apply for Canadian immigration

September 20, 2022BY Admin

Apply for Canadian immigration: The reputation of Canada is unquestionable. It is for those skilled workers looking for a high bar of living and better career choices. However, it offers a great range of options for working experts.

Immigration to Canada is made easier by applying for a Canada visa. Want to apply for Canadian immigration? Make your process easier with Stepwise Immigrations. Let’s read more in this blog.

Eligibility criteria

There are six selection factors for Express entry, based on which IRCC Canada assesses the candidates. But with our experts at Stepwise Immigrations, you don’t have to worry about anything. We will help you with family immigration to Canada without issues and extra costs.


There is no upper age limit, but the minimum age to apply is 18 years. However, if you are from the age group of 18-35 years, then you will get more points.


A high school diploma might not be enough for some jobs. You need to provide ECA from an approved assessing authority. WES then confirms your study level as per Canadian education bars.

Work knowledge

All three Express Entry types require the following work experience:


You should have experience working full-time for at least one year within the last ten years. It is necessary to have more experience than this to gain higher immigration points.


Within the last five years, you must have worked full-time in a skilled trade for at least two years.


Within the last three years, you must have worked in Canada.

Lingo ability

It is vital to be adept in either English or French. To claim language ability points, you must deliver results of approved language tests, for instance, IELTS, CELPIP, etc.

For each of the three Express Entry types, the following language ability is required:

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

All language abilities should meet the Canadian Language Benchmark 7

Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

Reading and writing are CLB 4, while speaking and listening are CLB 5


Job types NOC 0 or A require CLB 7

For jobs at NOC B, CLB 5


 You can earn adaptability points if your spouse has previous education, work experience, or a close living in Canada. You can gain several adaptability points if your spouse has CLB 4 language ability.

Arrangements for employment

Your Canadian job offer earns you valuable points.

A minimum of 67 points are needed to qualify as an applicant for the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category in the EE system.

Documents List

Suppose you wish to have your Canada visa application processed fast and efficiently. But the vital part is to make sure all your papers are complete. Most applicants waste their time and money on the wrong papers. After that, they must wait for approval of their application.

Stepwise Immigrations have made a list of vital documents to stop this issue. For immigration, applications to be processed quickly and for applicants to be able to move to Canada as soon as possible, they must submit.

  • Must have a valid Passport

  • It is only appropriate for an authorized organization, such as WES, to conduct Education Credential Assessments (ECAs). A valid ECA report expires five years from the date it was issued, and they are mandatory to submit. Depending on your chosen agency, processing times and costs may apply.
  • Funds proof

For every immigrant, it is vital to submit valid proof of funds. It is essential to note down as it is one of the crucial lists of papers needed for a Canada visa from all nations.

Among them are the bank statements for the last six months, letters from employers, previous pay slips, and a list of assets and liabilities.

  • Language proficiency test

Taking a proficiency test in either English or French in one of the country’s official languages is very important. The results of these tests are used to calculate your CRS score and can work toward increasing that score.

  • Job-offer Letter

Suppose you get the Employment Letter from a Canadian employer. With this, you will qualify for extra points in the CRS score. Also, you will have the chance to become a Canadian permanent resident. The offer letter is a vital document, and it must be submitted along with all other documents.

  • Provincial Nominee Certificate

 Your Visa application must also include a nomination certificate if a province or territory has nominated you. It depends on which PNP you apply for and what documents you need. The experts at our company will offer you with an entire list of vital documents.

  • Certificates of Marriage or Divorce

You must submit a document stating your marital status. You can also increase your score by taking points from your spouse’s credentials if your spouse is well qualified and experienced.

  • Medical report

You must submit your medical report to the checklist to assure the authorities that you are healthy. This report is valid for six months.

  • Police verification report

The police report must show you have no successful record of pending offences or court cases that might prevent you from being approved for immigration.

  • Birth certificate
  • Photographs
  • Letter of offer from prior employers

Reach us at Stepwise Immigrations to apply for Canadian immigration. We are the best family immigration to Canada experts. Our team is very expert in handling Canada visas.

The Canada immigration website will provide you more details.

Steps for Canada immigration online application

  • Finish your ECA

It is essential to obtain an ECA if you have finished your studies external to Canada. It verifies that your education qualification meets per Canadian educational system.

  • Test your language abilities

You must fulfil the conditions of the English language test. It is necessary to have 6 bands in IELTS that are equal to CLB 7 in order to pass. Test scores should be less than 2 years old when you apply.

Creating an online profile is essential. This profile should have vital details about your age, work experience, education etc.

You will get the scores based on these facts. To submit your profile, you need to earn the required points. The Express Entry pool will include this application.

  • CRS score calculation

If your profile is selected for review, it is ranked according to the CRS. Various factors, including age, experience, and adaptability, determine your CRS score. Express Entry has your profile if you meet the CRS score needs.

  • Find your ITA

The Canadian government will invite you to apply for a PR visa once you have entered the Express Entry pool.

With us applying for Canada immigration online application is very easy. This is because we are registered IRCC Canada agents. You can visit our agency to have more facts on the Canada Visa. Or visit the Canada immigration website to get more facts about Canadian immigration.

The bottom line,

Searching for the best agents for family immigration to Canada. Don’t worry. Stepwise Immigrations is here to assist you.  Our immigration service makes it easiest way to immigrate to Canada for you. You have to rely on us entirely. Rest our experts will handle it on your behalf. Contact us or reach us now.

How can I apply for Canadian immigrant?

With Stepwise Immigrations, it is easy to Apply for Canadian immigration.

Can I apply for Canada immigration online?

Canada immigration online application is possible with us. Stepwise Immigrations will aid you with your visa from beginning to end.

How much money do you need to immigrate to Canada?  

 You will require to have $ 25000 for one person. But the amount will increase with more people.  

 What is the easiest way to move to Canada?

The easiest way to immigrate to Canada is express entry. Reach out or contact us at Stepwise Immigrations.