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Apply For Canada Open Work Permit : Everything We Need To know

May 19, 2022BY Admin

Immigrating to Canada for better opportunities for jobs or business is an opportunistic way of approaching a career. One can come to this stage by several means, but the international immigration policies restrict the entry of just anyone to work in Canada. Thus, individuals need to get specific legal permissions from the Canadian immigration authorities to pursue their jobs and career. Apply for Canada open work permit is one such thing that allows you to work freely under Canadian citizenship regulations. Although most permits are tied to specific employers, an open work permit grants foreign individuals working freedom in Canada.

How to Apply for Canada open work permit program

Many want to pursue their career and establish a job or business in an international market. But just settling into Canada is a complex task, let alone doing a job there. The best way to approach the situation is to apply for an open work permit. Apply for Canada open work permit allows an individual of foreign country to settle in Canada and work there freely. These permits are of high value as, unlike most permits that are only bound to a specific employer; the open work permit allows foreigners to work freely. The advantage to this is that by working a few years in Canada with the help of the open work permit, you will improve your eligibility for permanent Canadian residency.

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There are some other fields to which the open work permit is applied, like a spouse or common-law partner of temporary foreign workers. Other than foreign workers, spouses of international students as full-time students at a Canadian university are also eligible. Although anyone can receive an open work visa, granted they are eligible for it, there are certain legal restrictions. Employers listed as ineligible for having been non-compliant with IRCC regulations will not receive the permit. Also, employers of jobs like striping, erotic dance, erotic massages, escort services, or other sexual jobs will not obtain an open work permit.

Eligibility Criteria On How To Apply For Open Work Permit In Canada

When settling into another country, the legal procedure always includes eligibility criteria. Thus you need to be eligible via a specific factor that legally approves you to receive an open work permit.

 There is something called the post-graduation work permit program. This permit is obtained by an international student who graduated from a designated learning institution.

The open work permit applies to destitute students as well. These are students who can no longer meet the costs of their studies due to financial issues.

Those who applied for permanent residence in Canada are eligible for the open work permit. Although these are correlated as working in Canada via the work permit also increases the eligibility for permanent Canadian residenship.

Spouse or common-law partners of a skilled worker or international student in Canada are also eligible.

Dependent family members of someone who applied for permanent residence can also receive this permit.

These are the eligibility criteria under which an individual will be able to use and receive an open work permit in Canada.

How To Apply For Open Work Permit In Canada

It is a question asked by many. As mentioned before, there are specific eligibility criteria, and if you are among these, you can apply.

First, you have to apply for an LMIA or Labour Market Impact Assessment from the Employment and Social Development Canada. This is the typical scenario in the majority of the cases. Generally, the Canadian employer demonstrates that there are no permanent Canadian residents or citizens who are qualified for the position. This is done via undertaking domestic recruitment efforts, prooving this to the immigration authorities.

When the Labour Market Impact Assessment has been a positive issuing, the applicant is eligible to apply for a Canadian work permit. If the worker wants to change employers, they must obtain a new Work Permit before changing the job.

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Final say

The open work permit is a high demanded permit that removes many restrictions on foreign workers in Canada. For starters, as most permits are subjected to a specific employer, the open work permit grants you more flexibility. Of course, you need to be eligible for the permit, like being recognized by a designated learning institution, applying for permanent Canadian residenship, etc. This effective permit enables you to perform every job except sexually-oriented jobs like escort services, erotic massage, and more.