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Application For Open Work Permit For Spouse in Canada

April 3, 2022BY Admin

Canada is one of the countries allowing the spouse to work, and however, certain formalities need to be followed to get the permit. Your spouse can apply for a work permit for working with some specific employer or another type of permit allowing working for any employer. If you have immigrated to Canada and want your spouse to work there, it is time to know the process of application for open work permit for spouse in Canada. Let us discuss the matter in detail a bit.

About application for open work permit for spouse in Canada

The Government of Canada issues this type of work permit for the spouse of the immigrant, which is not specific to a job. As you apply open work permit for spouse in Canada, this category enables you to bypass the LMIA or the Labour market Impact Assessment, Offer for the employer as proof after paying the compliance fee in the Employer portal and the Social Development in Canada. However, one has to pay a fee for getting the open work permit for becoming a holder of the permit as well as the open work permit fee.

About LMI Assessment

Many employers in Canada need to have the LMI assessment document while hiring a foreign national. If the assessment of the LMI is positive, then there is a vacuum for workers in the country for the specific job, and foreigners can be recruited. However, application for open work permit for spouse in Canada does not need an LMI Assessment as already discussed earlier.

The eligibility for an open work permit 

The eligibility for an open work permit 

If your spouse is an international student and has completed graduation from some designated institutes and intends to do post-graduation, then you can apply open work permit for spouse in Canada. Again, if you are a needy student unable to foot the education bill, you can also apply. As your spouse has applied for permanent resident status in Canada or is dependent on you, they too can apply.

If you are an international student or a skilled worker working in Canada, your spouse can apply for an open work permit.

Following the AIPP or the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project, if you are a skilled worker and want to live in one of the four provinces of Canada like Labrador, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, or Nova Scotia; one can apply for the permanent resident status of the family members, spouse, or live-in partner. If your spouse is a holder of a temporary resident permit, a refugee as declared by the Government, or a young worker taking part in some special programs, they can apply for an open work permit. However, additional documentary evidence may be required to substantiate the claim to have an open work permit.

The conditions for getting an open work permit for your spouse 

Your spouse should not try to work in strip clubs, with some employees risking sexual harassment, escort agencies, and massage parlors. Your spouse should leave Canada immediately, completing the authorized say duration. Even if you are a Canadian citizen and your spouse is a foreigner, they can apply for an open work permit depending on the Immigration status. They may be holding a resident permit for at least six months, have applied for staying permanently in the country, and are eligible for application bypassing the LMI Assessment. By fulfilling these conditions, one can apply for a spouse work permit.

The process of application

It is common for almost all spouses or partner’s to visit Canada with a tourist visa. If they are exempted from Temporary Resident Visa or TRV, they can immediately apply for open work permit landing on Canadian soil even at the border or the airport itself.

One has to register in the IRCC portal and then sign in with the GCKey or use the Sign-In Partner account with an existing bank account in Canada. After signing in to the portal, one needs to click ‘Apply for visitor visa or study/work permit’ and key in the personal code. If you do not have the code, click the “Determine the Eligibility “icon and you will be guided accordingly.

Now complete the application form online. It is the IMM5710 Application Form. Validate the form after filling up the details and save it. Arrange for a photo of your spouse in 420 x 540 pixels, passport pages having visa stamp and photo, study permit of your spouse, and marriage of live-in certificate. Upload them. Now pay the requisite application fee online and print the receipt. The Government will process the application, and it may take some time due to the present pandemic. One can check online from time to time.


Apply open work permit for spouse in Canada after considering the above conditions and making the application online. It is time to stay with your spouse enjoy life while both of you work in Canada following the legal process.