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All about application for spousal sponsorship Canada

May 11, 2022BY Admin

Permanent residents or citizens of Canada can bring in their spouses holding different citizenship to stay with them. However, as a citizen or immigrant to Canada, there are processes of spouse sponsorship. Canada is one of the countries embracing immigrants from other countries granting permanent residency status. At times, one of the partners first immigrates to Canada following the legal immigration process and getting a legitimate Visa and then brings their partner or spouse to the country.

The citizen or the permanent resident needs to make a proper application. It is time to know the procedure for application for spousal sponsorship Canada so that one can stay with each other in the beautiful country and enjoy life. Let us discuss the process of spousal sponsorship application while one of the partners lives or works in Canada with permanent resident status.

The process of application for spousal sponsorship Canada

There are many guidelines as to who can sponsor their spouse to live in Canada. The basic requirements for a spousal sponsorship application can only be done if the sponsor is over 18 years of age, a Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident. The sponsor should also live in the country or intend to return to the country. The sponsor shall also be willing and able to meet the financial expenses of the basic need of the spouse for at least three years. 

Moving the application

One can apply for Inland or Outland sponsorship. For Inland sponsorship, one should apply under the ambit of CLP Canada Class. Under this class, the sponsor must stay with the partner. Again those holding a valid immigration permit can also apply. Furthermore, the sponsor should be eligible to apply for an open work permit during the process of application. The applicant cannot leave the country till the process is complete.

For an outland class application, the sponsor should proceed to follow the FL sponsorship rules. Under this scheme, an applicant makes an application if the spouse is living outside Canada. Again, the spouse lives with the partner but will not stay inside the country during the application process. However, the spouse can stay with the partner with a temporary visa.

The time to get permission for spousal sponsorship

 It takes around 12 months to get the process complete. In many cases, the entire procedure may take more time depending on the complication of the sponsorship. The visa office may ask for additional inputs like income proof of the sponsor, the details on the legality of the relationship, and many others. If you want to ensure a smooth application, it is best to do it correctly during applying for the first time. One can take professional help to make a proper spousal sponsorship application without getting rejections.

The cost of sponsorship

The application for spousal sponsorship Canada program varies from case to case. If your spouse or conjugal partner has dependent kids; the government charges an extra fee of Can $ 150 over and above the sponsorship fee of $75. Then there is the fee for processing principal applicants, which is around $ 475.Over and above, one has to pay a fee of $ 500 for a permanent residence permit and $ 85 for biometrics.

Thus the entire cost is around $ 1135. If the sponsor is staying or intends to stay in Quebec, then there is an additional fee of $ 289.

The obligations of the sponsor

The primary obligation of a sponsor to bring the spouse to Canada is to fulfill the basic needs, including healthcare for three years. The Government of Canada will not assist with social security during the three years, and one should be solvent enough to bear the costs of the same. Again, if the sponsor and spouse get a divorce during the initial three years, the sponsor will be responsible for the spouse’s basic needs. However, one does not need a job to sponsor the spouse and move the application. The sponsor does not have to show a minimum income source during the application procedure. 

The competent authority granting Visa or permanent residence may ask for an income source if they are in doubt. Again, the spouse does not need a job offer from any Canadian organization for the spousal sponsorship program.  

Furthermore, there is no need to demonstrate proficiency in French or English by the spouse for spousal sponsorship, unlike in other cases of immigration. The applicant should visit the IRC portal and apply for permanent residence status in Canada under a new application.

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It is time to go for a sponsorship application for your spouse so that both of you can stay together and enjoy life. One has to proceed independently of taking professional help to move the application. Follow the application guidelines correctly and get permission to stay with your spouse in Canada.