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Agents For Canada Study Visa – Full Guide

September 16, 2022BY Admin

Canada is a nation that holds joy and lovely terrains with no deal to a high bar of the tenancy. Canadian colleges are famous for their vital design, advanced syllabus, and clean campuses. There are specific eligibility requirements for international students in Canada. And obey the vital rules of IRCC to avail of student visa Canada. After you graduate, a Canada Student Visa will allow you to expand your study visa. You can also dig the work during your study choices open to all international students. We at Stepwise Immigrations are the agents for the Canada study visa. Our best Canada student visa consultants in India will help you from the start to the end. You can entirely rely on us. Let’s read more in this blog about student visas.

What is a study permit?

In Canada, there is another name for a student visa as a study permit. You will receive updates on your application. And keep the visa office told on your behalf, so you don’t have to commit time and help to track your application.

Global students must apply for a study pass to obtain a student Visa Canada. Students must have taken entry at a recognized School, university, or college in Canada before applying for a study permit.

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Eligibility Criteria for student visa Canada

Learning about Canada student visa needs is vital early so the process is not stalled.

  • Students must be enrolled in a college.
  • To cover living costs and tuition fees, one must have good funds.
  • Applicants must also have a police certificate and no criminal history.
  • Maintaining good health is essential. To verify this, candidates need to get a medical exam report.

During the visa discussion, candidates must inform the officers that their study permit will pass shortly.

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Canada Student Visa Requirements

  • The passport must be valid.

The most crucial part of Student Visa Canada is that a passport must be valid. And it must not pass before the time one plans to stay in Canada. For instance, if the candidate plans to visit Canada in December 2022, their passport must be valid until December 2024.

  • Financial proof of your ability to raise capital

Candidates must show that they have enough funds to cover the cost of their course. In addition, the Canadian Immigration Department rejects visas for anyone who does not have at least CAD 10,000. Additionally, they need:

  1. Reports of bank accounts
  2. Student loan documentation
  3. An institution’s letter of proof of your funding
  4. Scholarship documentation
  • Photos of passport size

To submit an offline application, candidates must have two passport-sized shots. Digital uploads of passport-sized photos are also needed for online applications. A recent image is a condition, as are white scenes and facial expressions.

  • An official medical test certificate

According to Canada Immigration policies, candidates must undergo a medical test.

  • Proof of English test

Candidates must appear for IELTS and PTE.

In order to be eligible for a visa, students must file for their test and have the results before they start their visa applications. Also, educational institutions need students to submit their scores.

  • Statement of Purpose

In order to be successful in the course and institution, you must submit a statement of purpose.

While applying for a student visa, you will also need to have the following papers handy:

  • The Letter of Offer from the Employer and the College University
  • A certificate of participation in extra sports, if any.
  • Attested 10th and 12th grade certificates
  • Mark sheets for graduation and post-graduation

Student Visa Application process for Canada

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To apply for an online visa, you must follow some steps:

  • Creating a new account is the first and vital step. Using this account, you can craft and submit your visa application online and then check the application status.
  • After submitting all details about your school and course, you have been admitted. In the email you obtain, you will find all the info you need to entree your account.
  • You can upload all the vital papers after you log into your account using the details fed in the email.
  • In addition to uploading your records, you will also need to pay the CAD150 visa fee.
  • After that, you can submit your visa application and keep track of it.

Canada’s study benefits

Canada offers many benefits to students. Want to enjoy more benefits of student visa Canada. Then call or reach us at Stepwise Immigrations. We are the agents for Canada study visa, and you can rely on t us. We will take off the visa process.

  • It’s secure

Canada may be the safest place in the world if you plan to study abroad as a global student. You can live either in urban or rural locations. You can quickly finish your study with happy Memories and ease of mind.

  • The high bar of Living

Canada is a great place to do job and reside. Global students can expect and enjoy the highest living bar while visiting Canada.

  • An experience like no other

It matters not whether you attend a large, flourishing city or a small, friendly university. You will shape your life through your skills. However, it still may lead to greater career options in your home country or the chance to live and work in Canada. A clean setting, four superb seasons, wide open spaces, plenty of wildlife, and racial diversity await you here.

  • Cheap cost

Compared to other English-speaking countries offering similar experiences, Canada provides the highest quality of teaching and living norms. Students can afford the little luxury a student can afford in Canada, despite the lower cost of Living.


The most famous best agency for Canada student visa is Stepwise Immigrations. When it comes to managing your visas, you can trust on our capable crew. Want to speed up your student visa Canada speed? Meet our experts and fulfill your dream of studying in Canada.

How much do agents charge for Canada visa?

The agents take about $100 for a student visa.

How much does consultancy charge for Canada study visa?

For student visa, consultants take charges about $1100.

Which consultancy is best for Canada study abroad? 

To find the best consultancy, checkout on the internet. You will discover Stepwise Immigrations at the top level with best Canada student visa consultants in India

Is Canada giving student visa easily?

Getting a visa is easy, but you must follow the rules strictly to get a study visa for Canada.