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Agent Canada visa consultants

September 15, 2022BY Admin

Agent Canada visa consultants : Canada is a famous country that is always ready to greet new settlers from all over the globe. People move to Canada for many reasons, like jobs and graduation. It offers the best job choices, free health cures, and study, which is why most people pick to move to Canada. Are you dreaming of moving to Canada? Then it is best to select stepwise Immigration as the best finding you can ever make.

Stepwise Immigration is the most famous best visa consultants for Canada. We will help you until the processing of your Canadian Immigration. Our Canada visa agents will use their vast skills to ensure you get the best and most unique services stepwise.

Consultancies Services offered by the best agent for Canada visa in india

At stepwise Immigration, we set the agendas that provide you with the best option of relocating and chances to Canada. We use the unique skills that enable us to meet our client’s needs. We will work with you from the main spotting stage to the final visa. Stepwise Immigration gives you the best agent for Canada immigration experts who are always with you.

Student visa

Global students receive a Canadian study licence to study in the nation. Every student who wishes to study in Canada requires a student visa. Canada offers student visas for those who wish to study there. It is vital to have full facts about the whole process. Want to study in Canada? Take the help of our best visa consultants for Canada to aid you in the visa process. Get more details by visiting our website or calling our agent Canada visa consultants.

Process for a Canadian study permit

Want to have a smoother process for a Canadian study visa? Contact our agent for Canada immigration. We are experts in student visas for Canada.

  • Find an accredited learning institution (DLI) and get an admission letter
  • Fill out an online application
  • Keep your receipt after paying the application fee
  • Visit a panel physician in your country to get a medical checkup
  • A verdict will be made on your form


Students must meet the needs set by Immigration Department to get a study permit for Canada. Now it is best to reach us and search online for Canada visa agents near me.

  • University or College Acceptance Letter
  • Clearance from the doctor
  • Students need a bank statement to prove they can afford their studies and living expenses.
  • You must include a travel itinerary and an undertaking that you will return home after your course ends.

We are the best student visa experts in Canada. It is best to contact our Canada visa agents to have hassle-free processing of student visas.

Skilled Visa

It is an employee with a unique set of training skills and expertise. They obtain their various skills by doing multiple jobs. Often, skilled workers attend universities or colleges. They will contribute to Canada’s economy depends on their ability and skills. Reach us at Stepwise Immigration. We are the best agent for Canada work visa. Contact us now or visit our website.


  • On the FSW points grid, you must score at least 67 out of 100.
  • Have a certificate of paid work knowledge in Skill Type 0, Skill Level A OR B of NOC, and A minimum of one year within the last ten years
  • Obtain a minimum of a CLB 7 in all four abilities with an approved language test in English or French
  • Provide documents of your ECA for foreign schooling.
  • A family’s financial well-being is essential to settling in Canada. Arriving in the country requires you to be eligible.

Family or Partner Visa

This visa aims to reunite the families. Here sponsor means the family member, whether a parent or partner. People who are living in Canada can easily sponsor their families to Canada with us. We are the best agent for Canada PR.

The Government of Canada has a special rule for family visas that allows the sponsorship of sisters, brothers, and other close families.


In order to entitle to sponsorship, the family members must also meet the following states:

Common-law partners and spouses are eligible:

  • Sponsors and their spouses must be over 18 years of age and legally wedded.
  • During the past 12 consecutive months, the common-law partner should have lived with the sponsor.

 Dependent child eligibility criteria:

  • They are under 22 years of age. Those over 22 are only eligible if their mind or bodily condition stops them from being financially free. Until age 22, they were economically pendant on their parents.
  • Neither of them is married, nor do they have a common-law partner.

Parental or grandparental eligibility criteria:

  • There should be a blood affinity between the sponsor’s parents and grandparents.
  • A stepmother, stepfather, or grandparent can also qualify as a dependent.

Why Choose Us

A precise and in-depth outline of the process

  • In writing, we will provide a detailed recap of the eligibility process.
  • Stepwise Immigration will provide you with a detailed cost overview. Regardless of the client, we never differentiate our costs.
  • You will have a clear timeline for your Canada visa process.

Dedicated to excellence

  • Clarity and Honesty: Clients can trust on us because we are crystal clear.
  • Probity: Our client can wish us to deliver what we vow within the planned time frame.

  • Ethical behavior: For our client’s benefit, we stick to all international, national, and state laws.

  • Processing of cases: We do things the best way we can.

  • Communicating: As a result, we keep our clients updated about the status of their cases at all times.

Our Strength

  • Stepwise Immigration has an expert team for studying work to keep you updated with the visa processes.
  • Since we never lodge any longing cases, our win rate is always 100%.
  • For Immigration and Education, we always provide transparent and exact tips.


 We are the expert agent for Canada immigration. If you need help, call us or get more info on our website. We are the best visa consultants for Canada, and that is why we are famous in Canada.


How much do agents charge for Canada visa?

A student visa fee is about $100, and a skilled visa is $155.

Which consultant is best for Canada immigration?

Stepwise Immigration is the best Canada consultancy, expert. You can contact us at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance.

How much does agency charge for Canada PR?

The fees for Canada PR charged by the agency are about $850.

How do I find an agent in Canada?

It is better to search online or take the help of mates or family to find an agent for Canada work visa.