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Abroad Consultant In Chandigarh

August 4, 2022BY Admin

Stepwise Immigration is the most reputable and experienced abroad consultant in Chandigarh, India. We believe in shaping understudies’ destiny by making it a specialty for them to work on their insight through the appropriate schooling stage. The convictions and advantages of Stepwise Immigration are similarly supported in various ways to give our understudies better instructive administrations. Essentially, we are the best study abroad consultants in Chandigarh.

Many prestigious Canadian colleges have entrusted us with training consultancy administrations. Its purpose is to ensure that our students do not face delays or difficulties in receiving offer letters from their preferred colleges.

Stepwise Immigration is a top abroad consultant in Chandigarh, with a lucrative relationship with a large chain of schools in other countries. We have effectively provided education consultancy administrations for Canada. We only provide the highest quality education consulting so that understudies can gain more expert training in clinical, management, engineering, law, and hospitality.

  • Assisting students in finding the right course and the right institution.
  • We can organize for your short-term convenience abroad.
  • We can organize your airport transfer so that you are not left behind in your new country. 
  • We assist you as far as possible during your study visa, including extending your study visa.

Why study in Canada?

Canada is home to many world’s top research institutes and universities. Consider learning in consistent academic conditions where teachers are pleasant, and study halls reflect the social diversity of the land.

Consider entering the labor force with abilities that are recognized and valued globally. Begin your education abroad with important data on everything you need to know about concentrating abroad in Canada, from concentrate licenses and brief occupant visas and the cost to finding a program and what understudy life in Canada is truly about! 

Eligibility of studying abroad

Admission requirements differ from one institution to the next, but the following are common prerequisites:

  • Undergraduate study at a university requires a minimum of 12th grade; 
  • A minimum TOEFL score of 550 in written test/213 is required for the computerized test.
  • A master’s degree requires educational experience of 16 years. 
  • Admission to an MBA course requires work experience and at least a 600 score on GMAT.

There is no broad entrance test; each college establishes its affirmation guidelines and independently assesses each candidate’s capabilities.

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Why stepwise Immigration?

With a comparative aim, our abroad consultant in Chandigarh, India, likewise gives reliable, straightforward, customized, and definite professional counseling services and direction to take care of the broadened needs of competitors holding back nothing to construct a fruitful future. We help understudies from start to finish help to get into the right college, as indicated by their profile, for example, scholarly foundation, area of interest, abilities, career objectives, and so forth.

We invest heavily in offering instructive counsel administrations because we value our rewarding relationship with various colleges and universities. Our thoroughly prepared and best review visa advocates are committed to consistently contacting new pinnacles of achievement to compose more examples of overcoming adversity. 

Searching for a solid and the best educational experts/visa guide/movement consultancy abroad in Chandigarh! Interface with stepwise Immigration, the best abroad consultancy in Chandigarh with long periods of involvement with abroad schooling, vocation guiding, visa counseling, work license, and permanent residency.

Benefits you will get from us

  • Planning Your higher education and career pathway:

Our advisors would assist you in making an informed decision while keeping the current trends and your profile in mind.

  • Selection of country and course:

Get personalized advice on selecting the best country, university, and course to maximize your opportunities. 

  • Unbiased University Counseling:

We provide unbiased advice thanks to a well-stocked library containing prospectuses, CDs, brochures, videotapes, and other materials from various universities/colleges. 

  • Assistance in Preparing an Error-Free Application:

We will provide you with comprehensive information to assist you in preparing an error-free application.

  • Loan Assistance for Education:

Our business relationships with numerous financial institutions enable students to obtain education loans at low-interest rates to pursue their dream of studying abroad.

  • Scholarship Guidance: 

Stepwise Immigration will provide detailed information about the various scholarships available from international universities.

  • Accommodation Assistance: 

We will assist you in locating an appropriate accommodation option that meets your specific needs and your budget.

  • Visa Counselling: 

We assist our understudies in the meantime, from finishing up the application with forming to directing counterfeit visa meetings to set them up better. 

  • Briefing before departure:

Our group coordinates pre-flight instructions meeting for hopeful understudies to assist them with figuring out the nation and its guidelines. 

  • Assistance with Travel Arrangements:

Stepwise Immigration also handles student flight reservations, ensuring they get the best departure deals, dates, and routes. 


Stepwise Immigrationone of the top overseas education consultants, is located in the city’s heart, making it accessible to the vast majority of young professionals who aspire to specialize abroad. The main focus abroad specialist in Chandigarh assists understudies in enrolling in the best schools and colleges in Canada.