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A Complete Guide To British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program 2022

May 31, 2022BY Admin

If you are interested in settling in Canada’s British Columbia province, you have chosen the right place. Located on the west coast of Canada, British Columbia is best known for its natural magnificence and economic progression. Considering the various job prospects, the provincial govt. British Columbia offers immigration programs to help you become Canada’s permanent resident. Take a deep dive into the article to get enlightened about the British Columbia provincial nominee program 2022.

An introduction to the British Columbia provincial nominee program

Under this particular immigration program, the provincial government can employ skilled workers. This Immigration is arranged to balance out the said province’s labour market and economic demands. The best part of adopting this program by the immigrants is the benefit of acquiring a permanent residency.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program aims to speed up the process of obtaining the status of Canadian permanent resident for those who wish to get permanent residence in British Columbia. The British Columbia government and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and the federal immigration department operate the whole BCPNP program. Those interested in getting permanent residence in British Columbia have to go through two steps of the procedure, making an application for getting a nominee of the provincial government and applying for permanent residence under the federal government.

Eligibility requirement for the British Columbia PNP program

To become eligible for the British Columbia PNP program, the aspirant’s essential eligibility criteria need to be fulfilled.

Need to show an offer of employment from one of the employers of British Columbia Province

Must possess proficiency skills in the English language

Need to give evidence of legal position for getting immigrated to British Columbia

Need to display employment experience in the associated skilled occupation for at least two years

Must exhibit aspiration to carry off specific responsibilities specified by British Columbia Employer

Must have an intention to live in British Columbia and become the permanent resident

Documents need to be furnished for applying to the British Columbia PNP program.

Depending on the immigration programs for the British Columbia PNP program 2022, the necessity of documents might get differed. Here are some of the most important documents that need to be submitted are:

Civil identity proof

Legal status proof

Results of language proficiency

Latest travel documents

Birth certificate

Educational Credential Assessment

Authentic passport

Previous employers’ letter of recommendation

Validation of funds

Judicial record certificate

Offer of employment with company letterhead

How to apply for British Columbia PNP Program 2022?

The three ways to apply British Columbia PNP program are:

Express Entry British Columbia

Skills Immigration

British Columbia PNP Entrepreneurship Immigration

Is there any possibility of getting refused your application for the British Columbia provincial nominee program?

Yes, there are certain chances of rejecting your application in the following scenarios:

  • On not fulfilling the eligibility requirements at the time of application submission
  • Finding discrepancies in the provided information of application registration
  • On not meeting the eligibility criteria for obtaining the points at the time of registration

What minimums score is compulsory for getting entry into the British Columbia PNP program?

Getting entry-level employment opportunities at the semi-skilled workers’ classification of the British Columbia provincial nominee program requires obtaining the lowest score of 75.

What is the estimated period to get hold of the British Columbia PNP program 2022 ?

Depending on which immigration program you have adopted, the time varies. While in Express Entry BC and Skills Immigration Stream, the approximate processing time is about two to three months. In Entrepreneur Immigration Stream, the estimated obtaining time is four to six months. For processing provincial non-express entry applications and deciding on the notification, IRCC takes approximately 19 months.

How can Stepwise Immigration assist you in making your VISA process a smooth one?

Considering the incredible citizen benefits, including free education for children, high earning opportunities, healthcare benefits, and a high standard of living, there has been an increased interest in applying for permanent residence in the provinces of Canada. If you want the most reliable Canadian immigration agents, start your immigration process to British Columbia with Stepwise Immigration. In best relevance with our brand name, we are committed to guiding you with each step so that your application to the immigration process comes out successful. On availing of our services, you can expect a speedy process, timely documentation, personal attention, expert guidance, customer satisfaction, and, most importantly, integrity in the application process. 

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